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I’m glad you found your way to my website, as I love to share the beautiful moments in your life with you. I’m always very grateful when I am chosen to capture these special moments for all eternity and I can’t wait to meet you!

From a simple hobby to a passion – quickly photography became exactly that for me! For several years I’ve been allowed to work in my dream job and now I can proudly say that I work worldwide for my clients.

So how exactly did I chose my business name? Well, back when I lived in the U.S. no one was able to pronounce my German nickname „Claudi“, so I told everyone to pronounce it like the english word „cloudy“. It worked like a charm and soon I received little notes, where my name was replaced with a little cloud. Nowadays, I am still very attached to this little cloud, as it reminds me of a special time in my life.

Where can you find me? Most of the time you will find me in the wonderful city of Leipzig, but I’m available anywhere you would like me to come. Leipzig is my personal happy place, as I studied there, fell in love and being there makes me happy.

What do I like to do? Obviously, I love to photograph and it combines perfectly with travelling. This tingling sensation noticable weeks prior to the trip is just an incredible feeling and the sheer thought of seeing and experiencing new things makes me happy. Well other than that, I love going out for food (I love Sushi), binge watch tv series and read.